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Independent Primary Assessment of Husky Energy Oil Contamination into Saskatchewan River Report Released Today

OilSpill_o.jpgThe report is the result of collaboration between Idle No More, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, the Council of Canadians, the National Aboriginal People’s Circle, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (Prairie Region), and others, in response to the lack of independent information surrounding the July 20, 2016 Husky Energy oil spill. The report covers basic information on oil spills in waterways, potential risks to health and ecology, interpretation of lab results, and recommendations for future actions and monitoring.

The report was written by independent scientists from E-Tech International and Resurgence Environmental as a response to communities concerned with the secrecy and slow response of Husky Energy after the North Saskatchewan River oil spill. The report provides information on the behaviour and health risks associated with the spill, a critical analysis of the inadequate response by Husky, and sediment sample results that show the contamination has reached at least as far as the Cecil Ferry downstream of Prince Albert.

Summary of Findings: 

  1. Husky’s late reaction to the July 20th, 2016 oil spill (14 hour delay) allowed time for the spill to travel much further downstream than if they had reacted immediately. It also allowed time for the heavier components of the diluted crude oil to attach to sediment particles and submerge into the water column and to the bottom of the North Saskatchewan River.
  2. Husky Energy has not been transparent with its sampling data or cleanup plans.
  3. Husky Energy did not warn residents of the health risks associated with evaporating BTEX-group chemicals and other volatile compounds that are present in peak concentrations in the first 48 hours after a spill. Husky should have warned residents (especially children and pregnant women) to stay away from the river immediately after the spill.
  4. E-Tech/RE samples showed the presence of BTEX chemicals and PAHs at the Tobey Nollet Bridge and the Cecil Ferry downstream of Prince Albert. The specific PAHs found at Cecil Ferry were all found near the spill site at Tobey Nollet Bridge, indicating that the hydrocarbons at Cecil Ferry are very likely the result of the July 20th Husky spill.
  5. Infrastructure improvements need to be a priority in order to prevent further spills. Husky should disclose all of its pipeline inspection data, its pipeline maintenance schedule, and the ages of all sections of pipeline. Soil stability also needs to be considered an integral component of pipeline stability and geotechnical data near pipeline supports should be provided by Husky.
  6. The James Smith Cree Nation needs to be supported in its effort to mitigate and monitor the damage to their traditional territory. Funds should be made available to communities interested in conducting their own mitigation and monitoring efforts. E-Tech/RE can assist in training local environmental monitors.

The full E-Tech International and Resurgence Environmental report can be found here:


For more information contact: or
Ricardo Segovia, 604-704-1232



Indigenous Rights & Climate Change Webinar – Idle No More

ICA_Promo_Design.jpgThis Thursday, July 7th, join Idle No More and Defenders of the Land in a free webinar organized by Indigenous Climate Action:

Climate Change and Indigenous Rights 

A free webinar at Noon MST on Thursday, July 7th with Ellen GabrielArt Manuel, and Chief Bill Erasmus moderated by Erica Violet Lee

The speakers will give an overview of the current federal climate change policy development process, the importance of Indigenous rights and involvement, and how to put Indigenous climate action into practice! Are you on Facebook? Stay up to date on the Facebook Event Page Here.

So save the date and click on the link below to join us on July 7th! 

Thu, Jul 7, 2016 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM Mountain Daylight Time
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone:

United States : +1 (408) 650-3123
Access Code: 400-243-733

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Healing Walk – Idle No More

Healing_Walk_Pic.jpg“Clearcutting has destroyed our lands to the point that we are unable to hunt, fish or gather medicines and berries – everything we need to sustain our health and cultures” Kurtis McAdam (Saysewahum), Idle No More organizer and Trap Line Holder

Idle No More and Defenders of the Land call on all people to join in solidarity to address ongoing land destruction. Clearcutting and deforestation contribute to climate change.

On July 1st, 2016, Idle No More and Defenders of the Land will host a Healing Walk to bring awareness and attention to destructive clearcutting on hunting lands within Treaty 6 Territory. This clearcutting of old growth boreal forest is in direct violation of Treaty 6 that protects hunting, fishing and gathering rights of First Nations people. Clearcutting destroys biodiversity, animal habitats and waterways. It causes generational destruction impacting all people, but in particular First Nations peoples, who depend on the land for food, cultural practices and for its spiritual significance.

Please join us in solidarity on July 1st to bring awareness and attention to this important issue and to pressure our leadership to #SaveBorealForest. You will find event updates on the Facebook Event Page Here

Contact: Kurtis McAdam (Saysewahum) (306) 941-1544

Deforestation – National Geographic

Turning Up the Heat – Published by Greenpeace



We Need An Indigenous Peoples Climate Plan! – Idle No More

On Earth Day the Trudeau government and 175 other countries signed the Paris Agreement — pledging to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

We must ensure that Canada keeps the promise made in Paris by keeping fossil fuels in the ground. We must also ensure that Canada keeps its promise to implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in it’s entirety. This means upholding Indigenous Peoples right to “Free Prior and Informed Consent”, including the power to say NO to energy extraction and infrastructure on our territories.

We need a plan, a “People’s Climate Plan” to create community pressure across the land to ensure that the Trudeau government’s forthcoming climate strategy ensures a just transition for all Indigenous Peoples and workers.

There are over 20 grassroots groups including, Indigenous, Allies, religious, democracy and environmental groups working to speak up together at the government’s upcoming national climate consultations with people from coast to coast.

Join the effort to create a People’s Climate Plan that is centered in the experience of Indigenous Peoples and other communities that are the hardest hit by Climate Change.
Click here to join the People’s Climate Plan.


You can tweet about the People’s Climate Plan using the hashtag #PeoplesClimatePlan or #CANClimateAction

The Great Lakes Gathering 2016 – Idle No More

Poster.jpgOpen Invitation To Attend & Support:

On behalf of the “Great Nibi Gathering” Planning Committee and with great excitement we are honoured to let you know about an incredible gathering this summer. It will take place at Ojibway Park in Garden River First Nation, Ontario July 14-17, 2016.

We are a group of grassroots community members who have come together to organize The Great Lakes Gathering this coming July at Ojibway Park in Garden Village First Nation. The purpose of this gathering to discuss the many serious issues regarding the health & wellness of the Great Lakes, and what actions can collectively take to preserve them.

We will do this under the guidance of our Elders Council and be holding Ceremony together for the waters of the Great Lakes and for the future generations. We will also be discussing our roles in the Anishinaabe Nation and how that will help to protect the well being and health of the Great Lakes for the generations to come.

We write you this letter as an invitation to attend and to also ask for your support of The Great Lakes Gathering. Support can be offered in the following ways:

  • Monetary Support
  • Gas/Grocery/Hardware store gift cards
  • Letters of endorsement
  • Referrals to potential grassroots funding sources
  • Sharing, Liking & Tweeting of our fundraising links through your social media channels

Monetary donations can be sent to the PayPal ~ Onaman Collective account or by e-transfer to We humbly request donators to include a message “Great Lakes Gathering” using “Onaman” for the password.

Cheques/Gift Cards/Money Orders can be sent payable to Onaman Collective at P.O. Box 215, Cutler, ON, P0P 1B0



The Onaman Collective – On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Great Lakes Gathering 2016



Overview Of Canada’s Termination Plan

Onkwehonwe Governance And Politics

Presented on March 24/16 by Russell Diablo, First Nations Policy Consultant


































































Reposted with Author permission as found on Scribed:

Shape-shifting Colonialism ~ Overview Of Canada’s Termination Plan


Solidarity with the People of Honduras – Idle No More

Idle No More Stands in Solidarity with the People of Honduras

Honduran Indigenous, environmental rights campaigner and co-founder of the National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), Berta Cáceres was assassinated in her La Esperanza home. Telesur correspondent, Gilda Silvestruci confirmed that the Honduran leader was killed at 0100 local central standard time, on Thursday March 3rd.

2015_BertaCaceres_04.jpgIdle No More organizers stand in solidarity with the family of Berta Cáceres, the Lenca people, and the people of Honduras. We extend our deepest condolences for the irreplaceable loss that is felt worldwide.

For years Berta and her family have faced threats of brutal violence while hundreds of her comrades have also been murdered in Honduras defending their territory and rights. Honduras is one of the deadliest places for Indigenous and Environmental activists, and they continue to stand up against one of Central America’s biggest hydropower projects, in spite the continued threats of violence from US funded police forces and privately hired security guards.

“I’ve been working on solidarity campaigns with peoples of Central America since I was 17, in other words, for the last 35 years. I joined social movements back then because of the horrific violence, torture, and massacres being rained on the people by those in power. There are many struggles on Earth right now, and in our hemisphere. Let us not forget what has happened in Central America for so long, let us not forget how this is a hemispheric issue, let us honor Berta”. Idle No More Activist, Praba Pilar

We support the call to organize solidarity actions at the embassies of Honduras around the world and we demand:

  • That foreign investors and engineering companies completely withdraw from the Agua Zarca hydropower project that Cáceres had been publicly opposing at the time of her death
  • An end to the human rights violations against the protectors of land, water and rights in Honduras
  • An end the gruesome and bloody state sanctioned campaign to silence the project opposition
  • That the Honduran state act immediately to seek unbiased justice for Berta Cáceres’s family, the families still awaiting justice against those cowards who brutally silenced the strongest voices
  • The immediate protection for Berta’s family and colleagues from further violent attacks



The murder of Indigenous peoples across the Americas is at epidemic proportions and it’s time for governments to take action to protect Indigenous lives around the world. It is time for state citizens to rally with us in solidarity around the world to demand justice for the Indigenous People across the globe who are killed just for defending their rights.

Statement and Call to Action in Response to the Assassination of Berta Cáceres: Click Here.

Statement and call to action from La Via Campesina: Click Here.

Photo Credit: The Goldman Environmental Prize

Honduran representation in Canada:

Ottawa — Honduran Embassy – Details and comment forum for the Embassy of Honduras in Ottawa
151 Slater Street, Suite 805-A
Ottawa, ON K1P 5H3
Local: (613) 233-8900
International: +1-613-233-8900

Montreal — Honduran Consulate-General – Details and comment forum for the Consulate-General of Honduras in Montreal
1255 University St., Suite #500
Montreal, QC H3B 3V8
Local: (514) 439-7151
International: +1-514-439-7151

Honduran representation in USA:

Honduran Permanent Mission to the UN – Details and comment forum for the Permanent Mission to the UN of Honduras in New York

866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 417
New York NY 10017
Local: (212) 752.3370
International: +1.212.752.3370

Washington — Honduran Embassy –Details and comment forum for the Embassy of Honduras in Washington
3007 Tilden Street, NW,Suite 4-M
Washington, DC 20008
Local: (202) 966.7702
International: +1.202.966.7702

Atlanta — Honduran Consulate-General – Details and comment forum for the Consulate-General of Honduras in Atlanta
2750 Buford Hwy NE, Suite 218
Atlanta, GA 30324
Local: (770) 645.8881
International: +1.770.645.8881

Chicago — Honduran Consulate-General –Details and comment forum for the Consulate-General of Honduras in Chicago
4506 W. Fullerton Ave
Chicago IL 60639
Local: (773) 342.8281
International +1.773.342.8281

Los Angeles — Honduran Consulate-General – Details and comment forum for the Consulate-General of Honduras in Los Angeles
3550 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 320
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Local: (213) 995.6406
International: +1.213.995.6406

Miami — Honduran Consulate-General – Details and comment forum for the Consulate-General of Honduras in Miami
8600 Nw 36th St, Suite 510
Miami, FL 33166
Local: (305) 269.3131
International: +1.305.269.3131

New Orleans — Honduran Consulate-General – Details and comment forum for the Consulate-General of Honduras in New Orleans
2 Canal St, Suite 1641, World Trade Center
New Orleans, LA 70130
Local: (504) 522.3118
International: +1.504.522.3118

New York — Honduran Consulate-General – Details and comment forum for the Consulate-General of Honduras in New York
255 West 36 Street, First Level
New York, NY 10018
Local: (212) 714.9451
International: +1.212.714.9451

Phoenix — Honduran Consulate-General – Details and comment forum for the Consulate-General of Honduras in Phoenix
4040 E. McDowell Rd, #305
Phoenix, AZ 85008
Local: (602) 273.0173
International: +1.602.273.0173

San Francisco — Honduran Consulate-General – Details and comment forum for the Consulate-General of Honduras in San Francisco
870 Market Street, Suite 875
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: (415) 392.0076
International: +1.415.392.0076

Houston — Honduran Consulate – Details and comment forum for the Consulate of Honduras in Houston
7400 Harwin Drive Suite 200
Houston, TX 77036
Local: (713) 785.5625
International: +1.713.785.5625

Washington — Honduran Consulate – Details and comment forum for the Consulate of Honduras in Washington
1014 M Street NW
Washington DC 20001
Local: (202) 506.4995
International: +1.202.506.4995

Indigenous Peoples & Climate Change – Idle No More












Indigenous Peoples & Climate Change

With Arthur Manuel & Naomi Klein

February 17 & 18, 2016


Wanda_Meme_V2.jpg“We as Idle No More have put forward the voices of women, the voices of two-spirited people, and the voices of youth. This has really galvanized voices that haven’t been part of this thinking or a part of democracy in Canada. Idle No More has been really amazing at raising the question of democracy and how we’re going to run this country, and whose voices are really going to be at the table, to the forefront of all of our struggles. I think all the struggles do come together under Indigenous rights.” Wanda Nanibush – Beausoleil First Nation, Idle No More Organizer



At the Thompson River University in the Barber Centre – February 17 & 18, 2016


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

9am – OpeningEvent

  • Elder Mike Arnouse
  • Chief Ryan Day, Bonparte Indian Band

Decolonization & International Framework

  • Arthur Manuel, Aboriginal Title and Rights
  • Professor Sharon Mascher, International Background

Indigenous Sovereignty Protecting Our Land (Hunting, Fishing and Gathering)

  • Janice Billy, Secwepemc Land Defender


    Freda Huson, Spokesperson, Unist’ot’en Encampment

  • Kanahus, Secwepemc


Indigenous Law & Engagement

  • Guujaaw, Haida Gwaii

Noon:(Lunch will be provided)

Kinder Morgan Pipeline & Mega Projects

  • Carlene Thomas, Tsleil-Waututh Nation
  • Toghestiy, Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chief
  • Nicholas Peterson, Councilor Lower Nicola Indian Band

Indigenous Climate Action – Edmonton January 2016

  • Arthur Manuel, Attended the Meeting

Mining: Alienation Map, Mount Polley, Ruddock Creek and Ajax

  • Arthur Manuel (David Carruthers’ Mining Map)
  • Kanahus – Networking and Supporting Each Other


  • This Changes Everything, Directed by Avi Lewis and Narrated by Naomi Klein (1h30min)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dialogue with Arthur Manuel, Unsettling Canada and Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything:

  • Decolonization & Canada’s Territorial Integrity
  • Hunting, Fishing and Gathering
  • Pipelines
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Neo-colonization: Impact Benefit Agreements & Delegated Authority
  • Self-sustaining Indigenous communities


Action Plan

  • Take action on the ground – Sharing our experiences
  • Activist Network – BC, Canada, Turtle Island & The Hemisphere
  • Schedule an “Indigenous Save Mother Earth Conference”

One House Many Nations: Next Steps


Idle No More – One House Many Nations: Next Steps


14409087_10154586932793223_1072291616_n.jpgThe One House Many Nations campaign raises awareness about housing conditions and pressures governments to live up to their Treaty, moral, and legal responsibilities, in addition to providing homes. We are starting a pilot project with the goal of creating a small sustainable village. Sustainable forms of energy such as solar and wind are extremely expensive to access and install especially in non-urban settings. An associated think tank would connect current partners with experts who have the technology and skills to produce small sustainable communities.

The One House Many Nations: Next Steps focuses on building sustainable housing out of recycled wooden pallets. This project is significant for three reasons:








  1. It supports Indigenous nation building by ensuring Indigenous people have continued access to their lands and resources using sustainable technology.
  2. It is an exemplar of how we can reclaim resources (such as lumber) that have been taken from our lands, often without consent, to develop much needed housing and other infrastructure.
  3. It is an act of restitution for ongoing government and corporate exploitation on our lands and communities.

one_house_pic1.pngThe lack of access to basic needs such as housing and water in First Nations communities is an aspect of ongoing colonialism and racism that must be addressed. Indigenous peoples living on First Nations are on the front lines of resistance to resource extraction. The OHMN Next Steps intervenes in the many levels of exploitation that continues on Indigenous territories.  

The short video and letter below provide further detail regarding the technology that will be used for building sustainable housing with wooden pallets, as well as the impetus for this model.

For more information contact:














Idle No More stands with the Continental Commission Abya Yala

Dismantling The Doctrine Of Discovery

Idle No More stands in solidarity with our relations of the Continental Commission Abya Yala being organized in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Mexico from February 9-10, 2016.  We will continue to support the continental movement to exercise our Indigenous Self Determination and Nationhood. We will work together across borders to construct a long-term continental decolonization strategy, in the spirit of Self Determination of Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples.

What.jpgWe call upon the Original Nations of Mexico to stand in solidarity with all Nations Indigenous Peoples in rejection of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), as yet another violation of our Human Rights, our Rights as Indigenous Peoples, and an assault on the Rights of Mother Earth.

The Vatican State and Pope Francis must take responsibility for the role that the Roman Catholic Church continues to play as intellectual author of the Doctrine of Discovery. The Doctrine of Discovery continues to marginalize Indigenous peoples and normalizes criminal human rights violations, such as the violations of the right of free, prior and informed consent, and the right to self determination.  

Idle No More endorses and supports the Continental Proclamation Abya Yala given at the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues of the United Nations on May 18, 2006 which states:

That the Papal Bull Inter Caetera of Pope Alexander VI is hereby ANNULLED, as well as whatever Doctrine of Discovery proceeding from which that pretends to deform the relationship of Harmony, Justice, and Peace of we the Indigenous Peoples of Humanity in its entirety.The Doctrine of Discovery has never had legal validity whatsoever and only serves to continue  the process of colonization and the violation of Indigenous peoples rights, through having granted title to Indigenous lands to colonizers and ignoring or invalidating Indigenous title to land.

We call on all Nations of Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island Abya Yala and allies to join forces to stand up in a continental uprising based on our traditional ceremonies as was done during the celebration of the Fall Equinox on September 23  in Lenape Nation territories in order to dismantle the doctrine of discovery.

Idle No More supports the initiative of the Continental Indigenous Commission  to deliver a message to Pope Francis in Mexico. This Call to Conscience will  petition him to take action and issue an official denunciation of the “Doctrine of Discovery of Christendom” during his visit to San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, on February 9-10, 2016.    It is our hope that this Commission will directly address the continued sanctification of the Colonial Doctrines of Discovery via the Papal Bulls Inter Caetera. The Indigenous Law Institute has recognized that “this Papal Bull has been, and continues to be, devastating to our religions, our cultures, and the survival of our populations”.

We reiterate once more the Communiqué to the Vatican, emitted from the V Continental Summit Abya Yala held in the Cauca Territories of Colombia which called for Pope Francis to publicly renounce the Doctrine of Discovery.

Encuentro Comisión Continental Abya Yala, México, 9 FEB


Desmantelamiento de la Doctrina del Descubrimiento            

Idle No More se solidariza con nuestros relaciones de la Comisión Continental Abya Yala que se reúne en San Cristóbal de las Casas, México 9-10 de febrero de 2016. Vamos a seguir apoyando el Movimiento Continental Indígena en el ejercer de la libre determinación como nuestras Naciones Originarias. Vamos a trabajar juntos a través de las fronteras para construir una estrategia de descolonización continental a largo plazo, en el espíritu de la libre determinación como naciones originales de los Pueblos Indígenas.

INMHandFeather.pngHacemos un llamado a las Naciones Originarias de México para estar en solidaridad con todos los pueblos originarios y las  Naciones de Pueblos Indígenas en el rechazo del Acuerdo Trans  Pacifico TPP como otra violación mas de nuestros derechos humanos, nuestros derechos como pueblos indígenas, y un asalto a los Derechos de la Madre Tierra.

El Vaticano y el Estado Francisco debe asumir la responsabilidad por el papel que la Iglesia católica sigue desempeñando como autor intelectual de la doctrina del descubrimiento. La doctrina del descubrimiento sigue marginando a los pueblos indígenas y normaliza las violaciones criminales de nuestros derechos humanos, tales como las violaciones del derecho al Consentimiento Libre, Previo e Informado, y el derecho de Libre Determinación.

Idle No More endorsa y apoya la Proclamación Continental Abya Yala pronunciado en el Foro Permanente para las Cuestiones Indígenas de las Naciones Unidas el 18 de mayo de 2006, que establece:

Que la Bula Papal Inter Caetera de Papa Alejando Sexto 1493 es NULLIFICADO, también igual cualquier Doctrina de Descubrimiento procedente que pretende deformar la relación de Armonía, Justicia, y la Paz de Nuestros Pueblos Indígenas de la Humanidad entera.  La Doctrina del Descubrimiento de que nunca ha tenido validez jurídica y sólo sirve para continuar con el proceso de colonización y la violación de los derechos de los pueblos indígenas, a través de pretender otorgar título de los territorios indígenas a los colonizadores e ignorando o invalidando el título indígena su tierra. 

Llamamos a todas las Naciones de los Pueblos Indígenas de la Gran Isla Tortuga Abya Yala y nuestros aliados para unir sus fuerzas para permanecer de pie en un levantamiento continental basada en nuestras ceremonias tradicionales y en seguimiento a la celebración del equinoccio de otoño el 23 de septiembre de Desmantelamiento de la Doctrina del Descubrimiento en territorio de la Nación Lenape [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania].

Idle No More apoya el esfuerzo de la Comisión Indígena Continental Abya Yala para entregar un mensaje a Papa Francisco en forma de un llamado as la conciencia y petición internacional.  Es hora que el Papa Francisco da repuesta a la petición de los Pueblos Originarios para tomar medidas y emitir una denuncia oficial de la “Doctrina del Descubrimiento de la Cristiandad” durante su visita a San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, los días 9-10 de febrero de 2016. Es nuestra esperanza que la Comisión Continental Abya Yala logra abordar directamente a la santificación continuada por las doctrinas coloniales de descubrimiento a través de la Bulas Inter Caetera. El Instituto de Derecho indígena ha reconocido que “esta bula papal ha sido, y continúa siendo, devastando a nuestras religiones, nuestras culturas, y la supervivencia de nuestros pueblos”.

Reiteramos una vez mas el comunicado al Vaticano desde la V Cumbre Continental Abya Yala realizado en los territorios Cauca de Colombia 2013 llamando a Papa Francisco a renunciar públicamente la doctrina del descubrimiento.