We Need An Indigenous Peoples Climate Plan! – Idle No More

On Earth Day the Trudeau government and 175 other countries signed the Paris Agreement — pledging to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

We must ensure that Canada keeps the promise made in Paris by keeping fossil fuels in the ground. We must also ensure that Canada keeps its promise to implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in it’s entirety. This means upholding Indigenous Peoples right to “Free Prior and Informed Consent”, including the power to say NO to energy extraction and infrastructure on our territories.

We need a plan, a “People’s Climate Plan” to create community pressure across the land to ensure that the Trudeau government’s forthcoming climate strategy ensures a just transition for all Indigenous Peoples and workers.

There are over 20 grassroots groups including, Indigenous, Allies, religious, democracy and environmental groups working to speak up together at the government’s upcoming national climate consultations with people from coast to coast.

Join the effort to create a People’s Climate Plan that is centered in the experience of Indigenous Peoples and other communities that are the hardest hit by Climate Change.
Click here to join the People’s Climate Plan.


You can tweet about the People’s Climate Plan using the hashtag #PeoplesClimatePlan or #CANClimateAction