Resisting Energy EAST: An Interview with Clayton Thomas-Muller – Idle No More

by CKUT News:

TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline is a natural gas pipeline which will be converted into an oil pipeline and then extended so that it moves Alberta Tar Sands Crude across the prairies, Ontario, Quebec and then into New Brunswick. First Nations communities along the route are understandably concerned about how they will be impacted. A number of indigenous activists and their allies met at Circle of Life Thunderbird House the weekend of March 7th in order to share strategies. CKUW NEWS Director and Contributor Michael Welch availed himself of the opportunity to speak to activists and warriors on the front lines of these struggles.

Prominent activist Clayton Thomas-Mueller was present and shared with Welch his earnest feelings about the struggle, the importance not only of indigenous involvement but indigenous leadership, the recent confrontation at the University of Winnipeg with former AFN Grand Chief Phil Fontaine, and the role of women in the movement.

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