Write2Know: Where science meets social and environmental justice – Idle No More

Write2Know (http://write2know.ca) is a activist-research initiative formed out of a collaboration among academics, scientists, activists, NGOs, Aboriginal community groups, and members of the public. It is a response to the recent cancellation of over a hundred Canadian federal research programs, the firing of thousands of federal scientists conducting environmental monitoring and inquires into Aboriginal health, and the Canadian government’s communication policies that prevent scientists from talking to the public and the media about their research. This information about the health of our bodies, communities, and environment is crucial for making good policy decisions and arguing for change. Write2know is a letter-writing campaign that mobilizes the public to press Canadian federal scientists and ministers on questions that matter to public and environmental health. This is an international campaign.

Canada’s policies on oil sands, climate change, water, toxics, Aboriginal health, and missing and murdered Aboriginal women, impact people around the world. This campaign engages issues where science and technology intersect with social and environmental justice. Please consider signing the letters and sharing this campaign with others. There are also opportunities to engage as educators, researchers, and community groups with their own questions about environmental monitoring and health. We have already amassed over 850 signatures on our letters. Write2Know Week is March 23-27. By March 27th, we aim to have thousands of letters signed and delivered. To participate, visit our site at http://write2know.ca This project is an initiative of the Politics of Evidence Working Group at York University. It is generously supported by: Scientists for the Right to Know, Evidence for Democracy, DeSmog Canada, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, the Canadian Association of University Teachers, the Technoscience Research Unit (University of Toronto), the Institute for Science and Technology Studies (York University) and the Waste and Science, Technology and Environment group (WaSTE) (Memorial University of Newfoundland), and PIPSC, the union representing federal scientists. This project is co-organized by Max Liboiron (Memorial University of Newfoundland) and Natasha Myers (York University). Contact us at write2knowproject@gmail.com.