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INMHandFeather.pngWelcome to our latest Idle No More email update. We have important news to share about a handful of the many awareness campaigns, Indigenous rights to self-determination campaigns, and Indigenous-led land and water protection actions. All across our territories, Indigenous youth, men, women, and Two-Spirit peoples are out on the land taking a stand and raising awareness. Whether our resistance comes in the form of art, music, or language revitalization camps, people are sharing food sovereignty knowledge, reclaiming cultural tradition, and holding space in response to the Indigenous child apprehension crisis. Our communities come together in so many different ways and bring a vast wealth of skills and knowledge to help advance Indigenous rights to self-determination and environmental protections.

Tiny House Warriors Up

Tiny House Warrior Kanahus Manuel, the daughter of the late Arthur Manuel, was arrested on July 14 and released in unceded Secwepemc territory. She was forced to leave the Secwepemc village site, where her people’s ancestors died of smallpox, to face mischief charge and future court date.

tinyhousePic.jpgOn-the-ground resistance promised by the Tiny House Warriors almost a year ago has been launched, as Indigenous Land Defenders from the group reclaim an ancestral village and block the planned route of the Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline. Three tiny houses, built over the past 10 months, have now been placed in the proposed pipeline’s path, as Secwepemc Land Defenders begin to re-establish an ancient village that once thrived on what is now the North Thompson River Provincial Park near Clearwater, British Columbia. Additional tiny houses will be constructed on the site. Secwepemc Land Defenders intend to resist construction on the North Thompson line of the Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline, which is expected to begin by the fall — including by re-establishing a permanent village on land the pipeline is slated to go through without consent, and by tying red cloth all along the nearby highway to call attention to the danger of gender-based and sexual violence associated with pipeline construction “man camps.” The existing tiny houses are being used for traditional tattooing, housing and other cultural purposes, as part of the resurgence in Indigenous culture.

Please give generously to the Tiny House Warriors in support of protecting and defending lands and waters! You can follow Tiny House Warriors on their Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinyhousewarriors/
Donations: http://tinyhousewarriors.com/

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Photo Credit: Tiny House Warriors

Call to Support Russ Diabo’s “Truth Before Reconciliation” platform on the “Bannock and Bologna Tour” campaign, in his bid for the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief


UPDATED: July 20/18

Idle No More (INM) and Defenders of the Land (DOL) have been working together to advance Indigenous peoples issues and the right of self-determination for many years. Russ Diabo, one of the co-founders of Defenders of the Land network, has “thrown his hat in” for the candidacy of Assembly of First Nations National Chief. Russ is a natural leader and is recognized nationally for his expertise in First Nations politics and policy analysis. He has committed his life to sharing information with grassroots people around government agenda(s) relating to First Nations issues and their impacts on Aboriginal rights, title, treaties and the international right of self-determination. The current threat to Indigenous rights and the purchasing of the Kinder Morgan pipeline by the Trudeau government catapulted Russ into running for AFN National Chief. He has been traveling across the country on his “Bannock and Bologna Tour” speaking to university students, First Nations (grassroots) peoples, Chiefs and Councils, and non-Indigenous allies about the current threat to the Indigenous rights agenda from Prime Minister Trudeau’s government. In his talks, he points out that “the Trudeau government is on a path to terminate our rights and municipalize our lands and governments. The current Recognition of Rights Framework will have generational impacts if we don’t put the brakes on it and start over from the ground up”.

We ask you to learn more about Russ’ Truth Before Reconciliation political platform and campaign at www.russdiabo.com. You can also learn about the “Bannock and Bologna Tour” through his official Facebook page, Russell Diabo for AFN National Chief and follow his official campaign Twitter account, @truthcampaign2.

We are reaching out to everyone (including non-Indigenous allies) who believes in Russ’s vision and platform—which advocates for the international right of Indigenous self-determination, protection of lands and waters, and addressing issues of climate change—to make a donation today at https://www.gofundme.com/russdiabo. Donations can also be made via EMT: truthcampaign@rogers.com or via website: https://www.russdiabo.com/get-involved/. Russ has stated publicly that he will not accept donations from corporate donors.

We encourage grassroots peoples to speak to your Chiefs and Councils to inform them of the “Truth Before Reconciliation” campaign and encourage them to support and vote for Russ Diabo.

Campaign Hashtags to follow: #TruthCampaign #Truthb4Reconciliation #BannockBolognaTour #RDiabo4NC


Photos: Russ Diabo
Russ’ Photo: via Twitter profile

Camp: Justice for Our Stolen Children

JFOSCemailblastPic.jpgThe Justice for Our Stolen Children Camp, located on Treaty 4 in the City of Regina, continues to seek justice for Indigenous children in foster care. The peaceful demonstration began in the late spring at the legislative building in Regina in response to the acquittal of Gerald Stanley in the murder of Colten Boushie and the acquittal of Raymond Cormier in the murder of teenager Tina Fontaine. The purpose of the camp is to expose and draw attention to the inequalities of the systems in place that kill Indigenous men, women, Two-Spirit people, and children on a daily basis. The practices of these systems go unscrutinized by most Canadians.
First Nations, Inuit, and Metis families endure the highest rates of child apprehension in this country. Justice for Our Stolen Children brings attention and awareness to children who are in care or who have died in care.

INDIGENOUS_FOSTER_CARE_MAP.pngLast month, just prior to the National Indigenous Day celebrations, the original Tipi was forcibly removed to clear the park and police arrested 6 of the peaceful demonstrators. Days later, organizers re-erected the tipi at Wascana Park where it currently remains. The camp has since grown to an astounding 14 tipis.

The camp is completely funded by the generous donations from the public near and far. Thank you for your support! Donations can be made via e-transfer or PayPal at colonialismnomore@gmail.com

For ongoing updates and news from Justice for Our Stolen Children’s organizers check out their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/justiceforourstolenchildren/posts/

Photo: Justice For our Stolen Children Facebook page
Infographic Photo Source: Macleans’s

“Walking to Take Us Home”: Granville Lake Walk

David Bighetty and others from Granville Lake in northern Manitoba have been displaced from their homelands for 15 years because of serious water and sewage issues. They are walking to raise awareness and support so that they can return home. In a wealthy country such as Canada, these issues should have been remedied a long time ago. Please follow David and his community on Facebook and social media as well as join them in their walk. Donations of gas, water, and food would be appreciated. The Granville Walkers will also need accommodations for shelter upon arriving in Winnipeg. Please contact David at 1-204-679-1930 or email at David2@myucn.ca. Thank you and your support is appreciated.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/242741159630626/
Media: http://thompsononline.ca/the-thompson-local-news/370578