Tiny American Indian Tribal Nation involved with International Tribal Diplomacy – Idle No More

Tribes around the world are facing loss of land and life, horrible crimes committed against them. They are facing the same fate many other tribes have faced, like the tribes of North America. A tiny American Indian native nation, the Weapemeoc, has found itself in the middle of this international struggle and is trying to raise funds for a diplomatic tour of South East Asia with their crowd funding campaign “Help stop the genocide of natives in Myanmar” on Indiegogo. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-stop-the-genocide-of-natives-in-myanmar

The Weapemeoc original home was on the coastal region of Virginia and North Carolina, and several small tribes of this native nation still exist. Like other colonial era tribes their treaty history was with England and not the U.S. The Weapemeoc sold the last of their tribal lands in 1740 before their was a U.S. and they were Subjects of the English Crown since 1586, and they maintain diplomatic relations with the UK. Because of this history they have a lot in common with the Zo, Kachin and other tribes who were also former Subjects of the Crown that also maintain relations with the UK. When the UK gave the tribes of Myanmar/Burma their independence by treaty, the tribes of the Kachin State region were also given the right to claim independence in the same treaty. Instead of granting the Kachin State the same freedom it received, it has waged brutal war on the tribes of the Kachin region for decades. The problem extends to more than just the Kachin State region of Myanmar, Myanmar has declared open war on all the native tribes of the country, and the world has done next to nothing about it. The Weapemeoc has developed a relationship with several of the tribal organizations in SE Asia, and rendered what aid it can. Recently they have been discussing the concept of a truly international alliance of tribal nations/organizations, with the support of countries favorable to native rights. The Zo Reunification Organization is hosting a celebration of World Indigenous Day, Aug 9, 2015. Sachem Laster of the Weapemeoc has been invited to attend and be a guest speaker at a conference of tribal leaders the next day. This is the perfect opportunity to formally start the international alliance we have discussed. Tribal leaders representing millions of natives will be there. But we can not do this alone. Sachem Laster is asking the leaders of all tribes and tribal organizations to also send a representative. If your tribe or organization is interested in attending, contact Sachem Laster at this email: anitsaguhi@gmail.com He can provide details and arrange matters with the Zo hosting the event. Please consider attending. The tribal organizations in SE Asia represent over 5 million natives. This could become a historic moment in international politics for native tribes. For it to become a truly international alliance, it needs the support of tribes and tribal organizations around the world. We need your help! We can make this happen!