The Battle of Oak Flats – The Fight For Sacred Apache Land – Idle No More

OakFlat2.jpgSan Carlos Apache Reservation, Arizona (TFC) – The Battle of Oak Flats sounds like it could be the name of a historic battle from back in the old days, like in the 1800’s when the white man was pushing his way west and pushing the Native-American tribes anywhere he could. However, this name is not from a historic battle, this is happening in 2015.The largest mining company in the world is set to start destroying some of the most beautiful country in the southwestern desert and the company isn’t even from here.

The battle that is going on in Oak Flats is a growing protest, but like a great deal of the things we should really be hearing more about, this particular story has had very little press and certainly none from the mainstream media. In fact it’s almost as though there is a gag order or a straight-up media black out.

A little bit of background on the sacred piece of ground called Oak Flats just a little east of Phoenix, close to the town of Superior, Arizona is that it has been a spiritual sanctuary for the Apache tribe for several centuries. But underneath that beautiful landscape sits some of the most valuable copper in North America, if not the world. It is estimated that the mining operation would yield over a billion (yes with a B) pounds of copper per year.

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Photos from Facebook page Apache Stronghold where you can stay update everyday. For more background check out the information in the YouTube video post by PaperRocketProductions posted below, titled Protect Oak Flat: Saving Apache Sacred Grounds