The Battle for the Sacred Medicine Lake Highlands – Idle No More


Protect Medicine Lake! Court Hearing in San Francisco


“Medicine Lake is our church. It is there we heal our bodies and our spirits. Would you want a power plant in your church?,”  Cecelia Silvas, Ilmawi Band of Pit River 

On Thursday, March 12, 2015 Indigenous peoples united in protecting our sacred waters, and against fracking and sacred site desecration, will join together in prayer and solidarity. We need YOU to join us! We call on all Native & First Nations people to stand together against the proposed hydraulic fracturing (hydrofracking) of our sacred and pristine waters by Calpine Energy Corporation. 

The Medicine Lake Highlands, also sacredly known to the Pit River People, as “Saht Tit Lah” (Obsidian Knife Lake) has been a place of special significance. To this day, Indigenous people come from near and far to utilize this sacred place on a regular basis for healing, religious ceremony, and tribal gatherings. The Medicine Lake Highlands continue to face destructive geothermal development by Calpine Energy Corporation. Five new proposed geothermal power plant projects threaten to poison the sacred waters of Medicine Lake.


What: Federal Appeals Court hearing. Ceremonial sunrise gathering, march, rally, and press conference immediately following hearing on courthouse steps.

Who: Pit River Tribe, Native Coalition for Medicine Lake Highlands Defense, Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center, Save Medicine Lake Coalition, Medicine Lake Citizens for Quality Environment, Plaintiffs-Appellants; vs. US Bureau of Land Management, Department of Interior, Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, & Calpine Corporation, Defendants-Appellees.

When: Thursday March 12, 2015

7AM: Sunrise Prayer Vigil Ceremonial gathering at Yerba Buena Gardens 4th and Howard near the courthouse, SF. Welcoming by Ohlone representatives in Yalamu territory. All are welcome to attend.

8 AM: Protect Water & Sacred Sites, Defend Human Rights March from Yerba Buena Park going to the James R.Browning US Courthouse – 9th Circuit; 95 Seventh Street; San Francisco, CA

9:30 AM: Rally & Prayers outside the Courthouse.

11:30AM-12:30 PM: Court Hearing. Room 3 on the 3rd floor

12:30 -12:45 PM: Press Conference on the steps of the 9th Circuit courthouse immediately after the hearing.

Where: United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
95 7th St, San Francisco, CA 94103; Courtroom 3

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