Solidarity with all Indigenous People – Idle No More

Submitted by John Byrne

From the Green Fields of my County Cork, in Southern Ireland is a long way from the Homelands of the First Nations . We have however a Bond that goes beyond the distance & Ocean that separates us, we have Both know about captivity within our own Lands and the destruction of Religion-Culture & Spiritual wellness denied by the aggression of Greed.

During our Famine Food was not short just Denied just like the Mighty Buffalo were slaughtered to deny Food & Cover to the Nations. We have seen both Cultures survive however the Indian continues to be robbed of his Heritage.During our Famine the Choctaw Tribe as they were hunted to the point of Death showed an act of Kindness to Ireland that has never been forgotten in the minds & Hearts of the Irish. We as indigenous people Worldwide must never be slow to aide our Brothers & Sisters who still know the pain of been a Stranger in Your own Land. May the Spirit guide you to all that is rightly yours. I wish you Happiness and Long Life. Respectfully Yours. John Byrne. Mitakuye Oyasin.