Sing Our Rivers Red Needs More Earrings and Launches Social Media Campaign – Idle No More

We’re up to 290 earrings, which means we still need 891 single earrings. Let’s make a final push this week to encourage others to donate and send in your contributions.

We’re launching a social media campaign! From now until February 14th help raise awareness about our Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women by participating in the following campaign.

Head to the nearest body of water, drop a flower in, and snap a picture. Share online with the hashtag ‪#‎WeWontForgetMMIW‬ and don’t forget to tag ‪#‎SORR‬! No matter where you’re at in the world you can show your support for those fighting for our MMIW as well as commemorate the lives of those lost.

Feel free to share any and all campaign posters!

Artwork By: Joao Lemos