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On Sunday, Oct. 14th, The Defenders of the Land, the Truth Campaign and the Idle No More networks will be hosting a live stream webinar. We will be providing an analysis of Canada’s proposed “Recognition and Implementation of Indigenous Rights Framework” legislation. This live broadcast will be moderated by Janice Makokis and our guest panel will include legal policy analysts Sara Mainville, Russell Diabo and Rachel Snow.

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Guest Panelists

PIC_FOR_smainville2018sm_(2).jpgSara Mainville is a Partner at OKT. Sara works with First Nations as legal counsel, strategic advisor and negotiator, her strength is engaging provincial and Federal governments in bilateral/trilateral negotiations around difficult issues. Ms. Mainville has a law degree from Queen’s University and a LL.M from the University of Toronto. Throughout her legal career, Sara is committed to give back to her community of Couchiching First Nation. In 2014, Sara was elected Chief of Couchiching First Nation and during that term she ensured that the First Nation has strong policy going forward, a good social media presence to engage the many off-reserve members in community affairs, and she started the Wasaw group of companies. Sara is recognized to be a leading thinker around Indigenous jurisdiction and its role in Nation-to-Nation reconciliation.

Russ_Pic.jpgRussell Diabo is Policy Advisor to various First Nations and organizations, he is also Editor and Publisher of an online newsletter on First Nations political and legal issues the First Nations Strategic Bulletin. Mr. Diabo is a member of the Mohawk Nation at Kahnawake, Quebec, and has been an activist on First Nation issues since the age of 16. Russ is part of the Defenders of the Land Network and works closely with Idle No More. Russ ran for AFN National Chief in 2018 election and continues with his “Truth Campaign” for fundamental change to Canada’s laws and policies affecting First Nations.

Rachel_Snow_Bio_pic.jpgRachel Snow is the daughter of late Chief John Snow Sr., and a member of the Ĩyãhé Nakoda Sioux or Rocky Mountain Sioux (Stoney) located west of Calgary, Alberta in the foothills of traditional Treaty 7 territory.
Rachel is a tireless advocate for the original people of Turtle Island. She has traditional cultural teachings and a mainstream education in business (with a focus on human resources). Rachel also holds the distinction of acquiring the first Juris Doctor (law school degree) for her nation.
Rachel works primarily with treaty people (western Canada), First Nation organizations, and on policy work that is specific to Indigenous laws, traditions, education and justice. Rachel has spoken on APTN ‘s “Face to face”, at various conferences including Think Indigenous (2018), the Vine Deloria Symposium in Bellingham, Washington (2016), and for many workshops on topics including: Indigenous laws, consultation, education, empowering women, and empowering youth.
Rachel is scheduled to be a facilitator for the Treaty 8 women’s gathering. Rachel is also an outspoken and seasoned social media warrior. She can be followed on Facebook at Rachel Ann Snow or on Twitter @Rachelannsnow. For more information contact her: rachelannsnow634@gmail.com

What is the “Federal Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework“?

On February 14, 2018, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his plan to “chart a new way forward” for the federal government by creating a new Recognition and Implementation of Indigenous Rights Framework to include new laws and policies to define what federal “recognition” means in a law adopted by Parliament and what the federal government will and won’t include in “negotiations” of Indigenous Rights with First Nations, Metis and Inuit.

To help you better understand what the “Federal Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework you can check out this two-page brochure and information sheet that you can print and distribute within your community’s. It has been prepared by grassroots volunteers to ensure that we have tools needed that break down the federal legalese, so you know exactly how our collective rights as the Original Peoples of these vast territories are being attacked. We have also prepared an information sheet to further help those people who have begun to organize teach-ins in communities across the land. Many people have already begun to collectively educate folks about the Federal Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework legislation, due to be introduced into federal parliament before the Christmas break.

Get the Brochure and Info Sheet Here

Defenders of the Land, Truth Campaign, Idle No More Networks – Statement on Recognition & Implementation of the Inherent& Treaty Rights of Indigenous Peoples Framework Legislation Engagement Document
Issued September 7, 2018

To help you better understand, how many layers of law have been placed upon the underlying aboriginal title of our lands and territories, check out this video below. The late Arthur Manuel sits down with Steve Pakin on TVO: