Idle No More urges support for Elsipogtog, Grassy Narrows, and other actions – Idle No More

Idle No More urges you to learn more about current  “hotspots” of indigenous resistance (Elsipogtog, Unist’ot’en, and Grassy Narrows)  as well as other upcoming actions and events.

Read the updates below, attend the events if you can, and take action in support of these struggles.


Unity and Solidarity Rally PosterNovember 2nd:  Mi’kmaq urged to reclaim all Crown land

Mi’kmaq Band Council is urging it members to reclaim all Crown land in the midst of the shale gas dispute in New Brunswick.  It plans to hold a “reclamation day” on Saturday.

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November 5th: Unity and Solidarity Rally in Fredericton NB

A Peace and Friendship Gathering with Wabanaki & New Brunswick Peoples. Let’s unite all people in peace and friendship.  The Third Session of the 57th Legislative Assembly.

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November 10th:  Standing in Solidarity with Elsipogtog in Bangor Maine

We are asking everyone to please join us as we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Elsipogtog, New Brunswick on November 10th from 10AM -2PM

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SWN Resources suing 13 shale gas protesters for losses

SWN Resources Canada is suing 13 anti-shale gas protesters for damages it claims it has suffered as a result of protests in New Brunswick, court documents obtained by CBC News show.

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Grassy Narrows:

Grassy Narrows Clearcut ImageEnd Clearcuts in Grassy Narrows

Mercury poisoning has left its terrible mark on three generations of Anishinaabe people – loss of balance, tremors, loss of vision, numbness, cerebral palsy, and more.

Please act now to support Grassy Narrows!


Last summer Premier Wynne promised to do something about this tragedy. Instead of helping the Province continues to plan for another decade of clearcut logging in Grassy Narrows’ watershed – a practice that further increases mercury poison levels in local fish.


Photo of Unist'ot'en Camp sign showing fire damageDisturbing Reports of Explosion at Unist’ot’en Camp:

At approximately 10:20pm on October 29th an explosion was heard at the main bridge near the camp. The Defenders cautiously fired a warning shot and proceeded to make their way to the bridge site where they witnessed flames burning at the main sign which stops and greets visitors to the camp. The defenders began a slow sweep of the area in complete darkness and walked about 2 km up the main road leading to the blockade where a vehicle was seen driving up the road shortly after the explosion. Everyone is fine here and a youtube video has been uploaded with more information.  Threats have been made against blockade a month ago, with confrontation with locals happened two weeks ago.  Blockaders did not take the threats seriously, but now have concern.

Here is youtube report from Hereditary Chief Toghestly of Unist’ot’en:


Vancouver Observer Coverage:


Other Actions and Events:


Citizen's Hearings on Climate Change ImageSaskatchewan Citizens’ Hearings on Climate Change – November 1st  and 2nd

Climate Justice Saskatoon, the Saskatchewan Eco Network, Oxfam and the Sierra Club of Canada are coming together to bring you The Saskatchewan Citizens’ Hearing on Climate Change.

This two-day event will feature a diverse mix of presentations on climate change, its impacts, and solutions. There will be presentations by scientists, ethicists, labour and business leaders, energy experts, young environmental leaders, farmers, first nations, fishers, parents and grandparents, and many others.

Defend_Climate_Logo_Launch.jpgDefend Our Climate Defend Our Communities  – November 16th


On November 16th, help build a united wall of opposition to pipelines, reckless tar sands expansion and runaway climate change at local events across the country.


Over the coming weeks and months, Canadian governments will make decisions about tar sands pipelines that could push the world toward runaway climate change and permanently damage our communities.  We believe we can do better, and a build a clean, just, and safe energy future that people across Canada can be proud of.


Now, in this crucial moment, we need to show our governments that opposition to pipelines, reckless tar sands expansion and runaway climate change is growing in communities across the country.