Gayle’s #IdleNoMore Story – Idle No More

My IdleNoMore story and video is not of an actual IdleNoMore rally, but of a speech that Priscilla Setee delivered to the hundreds of people gathered for the protest against George Bush’s appearance in Saskatoon back in 2009.
I didn’t have the youtube channel yet, just decided to bring my video camera to this rally I heard about on a new-to-me social entity called facebook.
Thought it would be neat if a whole hundred people showed up – blown away when a few hundred marched up to the (former) Centennial Auditorium to meeting up with a few hundred more already there!  
Speeches were next, and we were all blown away by this powerful woman with just as strong and loud a voice:  “George Bush is not welcome on Treaty Six Land!”  she commanded, her opening line – wow! 
Who was this woman, who dared to call shame on the Chamber of Commerce for hosting such an event, “when there’s so much poverty and inequality here already…”
Her words were chosen with passion and came straight from her heart.  It was an honour just to be able to capture it on video.
But who was she?
Professor Priscilla Settee.
A woman who helped re-invigorate my faith in humanity.  No surprise then, she be one of the co-founders of the mother of movements:  Idle No More.


Truth scored well that day as I happened upon a young couple with the cutest little boy… the dad offered some words including that he hoped that protest would “create a stir…”.
That resonated as well and when pondering a name for the new youtube channel, thought back to that wise young man’s words and agreed that day had created a stir… abigstir!
Who was that young couple?
Lindsay Knight Eekwol – who later performed on camera, and her partner who’s name I do not know.
I submit this video link in honour of Priscilla Setee and the entire Idle No More movement – for your strength, courage and determination to set things right.