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Guarani Kaiowá communities of the border between Brazil and Paraguay are seriously threatened, despite constitutional rights, the Convention 169 of the ILO, that Brazil had signed in 2002, the sponsors of the industrial agribusiness and monocultures, supported by the police and the Brazilian government want to evict these communities after March 16. In complete violation of the laws and surely with a maximum risk to cause dozens of deaths, the Brazilian government and agribusiness entrepreneurs continue with the idea of stripping all native peoples from their ancestral lands.


Example of mail to be sent:

“I support the Guarani-Kaiowá people.
The Federation of Brazil is a signatory to Convention 169 of the ILO on Indigenous Peoples; your decision to expulse the Guarani-Kaiowá people from their territory as of March 16, 2015 is therefor totally illegal.
In no case should the construction of federal highway BR-463, nor the financial interests of categorical large farmers and manufacturers that it serves primarily,
be given priority over the interests and welfare of the Guarani-Kaiowá indigenous.
The protection of indigenous peoples is in the environmental interest of the Federation of Brazil.

Signature: “

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The Brazilian Embassy in your country

Or directly in Brazil:
– General coordinator of research, Cristina Neme
Email: luciane.moraes@mj.gov.br

– Coordinator SINESPJC, Rafael Rodrigues de Sousa
Email: rafael.rodrigues@mj.gov.br

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