CUPE – Idle No More

c8990c97425c93ba8e7905c445a0.jpgCUPE NATIONAL WILL;

Support the Idle No More protests currently taking place in communities all across Canada and encourage all CUPE locals to attend and support these peaceful protests in their communities.

Support Chief Theresa Spence in her efforts to force the federal government to engage in a meaningful process of nation to nation negotiations aimed at addressing outstanding treaty rights and federal government obligations to First Nations communities.

Provide information to all CUPE locals outlining the issues that have given rise to both the Idle No More protests and the hunger strike of Chief Theresa Spence.

Support the Assembly of First Nations and demand that the federal government engage in a meaningful process to respect all treaty rights and begin to address the Canadian government obligations negotiated in First Nations treaties.


Canada traditionally has not met its obligations to First Nations People to provide safe drinking water, safe housing, and high-quality education.

Currently, disease and poverty are the only things increasing at an alarming rate on Attawapiskat and other First Nations lands.

The federal government has passed several pieces of legislation affecting aboriginal people, without consultation or negotiation and in the process trampling on the treaty rights of First Nations.

The federal government continues to support large scale and foreign developments on First Nations Territories; an occupation without consent or compensation.

Profits that are currently extracted from First Nations Land are not shared with First Nations communities.

Bills C-38 and C-45 remove environmental protections to First Nations lands in order to pave the way for more corporate development of resources; ignoring both treaty rights and threatening water, wildlife and all resources depended upon by First Nations peoples and all Canadians.