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Idle No More Ontario and Amnesty International have announced a solidarity campaign, supporting the Inuit of Clyde River in their struggle against offshore seismic surveys for the oil and gas industry. In addition to the support of Idle No More and Amnesty International, several other organizations have joined the campaign in support of Clyde River to create the Clyde River Solidarity Network. We invite you to join the Clyde River Solidarity Network and sign the list of signatories who have become involved and joined this newly formed solidarity network.



We call upon the Federal government to reverse the NEB’s decision, and ensure that no further permits for petroleum exploration development in Nunavut are granted unless, Inuit rights are fully protected, including the right to grant or withhold free, prior and informed consent to such development. 

We support and acknowledge the Inuit of Clyde River in protecting the land and water against seismic testing for oil and gas in Baffin Bay and Davis Strait. This exploration and potential extraction activity will inevitably have negative effects on the marine life, migration patterns, the Inuit Peoples health, the environment and the livelihood of the Inuit People. In the long term this impact will adversely affect an entire peoples way of life, the migrating wildlife and vast marine life.


Mayors of Nunavut’s 25 communities unanimously expressed their support by way of a resolution passed at the Nunavut Association of Municipalities’ AGM in Iqaluit on November 12th to 13th, 2014. The support is welcomed by all as many realize that this can also happen in their communities. There is a lot fear around the potential environmental impacts the 260-decibel underwater seismic explosions might have on local wildlife. A decibel level that is almost double the sound produced by a low-flying jet. Despite this unified opposition, the NEB approved the surveys in June 2014. The community of Clyde River responded with local protests and is seeking a court injunction to stop the seismic surveys.

Idle No More Ontario with the support Clyde River Solidarity Network, are organizing a support rally on April 20th 2015 outside of the Federal Court of Appeal. We will also host a public information sessions on April 16th where all will be welcome to learn more about seismic exploration in Clyde River, Baffin Bay, Davis Strait, the history of this fight against it, and how you can do more to support.

Public Information Session in Toronto in April 16th


Idle No More Website event page Public Info Sessions Toronto: Clyde River Inuit Fight the NEB

Facebook Event Page Clyde River Inuit Fight the NEB in Court: Public Information Session

Rally at the Courthouse Toronto


Idle No More Event Page Standing With Clyde River Inuit: Rally at the Courthouse

Facebook Event Page Standing with Clyde River Inuit: Rally at the Courthouse