Brant issues a “Final Offer” regarding land transfer – Idle No More

By Jim Windle – Two Row Times

PARIS – On Friday morning in the chambers of the County of Brant, Mayor Ron Eddy read a draft resolution on behalf of the County reflecting their stance on the ongoing land transfer talks between his council, and that of Brantford and Six Nations.

While indicating that they are still willing to finalize boundary discussions by June 30th, they have not moved from their previous position regarding the quantity of land requested by the city or the terms of that transfer.

The proposed resolution put forward includes a guarantee of meaningful consultation and accommodation with the Six Nations elected council. Until recently, Brantford considered talks that would include Six Nations to be unnecessary. However, pressure by the County to include them as stakeholders rather than as merely observers has caused the City to reconsider its stance and include Six Nations.

When asked if the HDI would be a part of these discussions, Mayor Eddy said no. “As an elected council we have to deal with their elected council.”

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