Battered Women’s Support Services supports ‘Idle No More’ – Idle No More

by Brandy Kane, Manager of BWSS Aboriginal Women’s Program

Colonization and colonial relationship has a tremendous impact on Indigenous people, which perpetuate the injustice through legislation and policies aimed at ‘civilizing’ Indigenous people. Our rights, our lands and our spirits have been attacked by the colonization. This colonial structure has also maintained the patriarchal ideologies and perpetuated the gendered violence against Indigenous women through its racist and sexist policies while it’s been promoting the privilege of men.

BWSS and BWSS Aboriginal Women’s Program support ‘Idle No More’. We were at the ’Idle No More’ rally on December 23rd and December 27th in Vancouver. It is amazing to see all the people across Canada and internationally, supporting Idle No More movement, which was started by four Aboriginal women who stand for Indigenous rights and environmental justice. We’ll continue to support ‘Idle No More’ through social media and attending upcoming events.

Acknowledging the harm that Bill C-45 will have has woken up Indigenous people and the larger society and we are saying no more to colonial domination. We aren’t sitting idle anymore. Bill C-45 affects all the society, our future generations and our environment. Bill C-45 directly makes a lasting impact on the inherent rights to the land of Indigenous people and also the changes in the Navigable Waters Act impacts not only the Aboriginal people, but also all the society as we share our natural water resources for clean drinking water; therefore there must be consultation with Aboriginal leaders and communities to get their consent.

Chief Theresa Spence is a hero and leader as she enters into her 15th day of fasting. We went from having 2.5 million protected lakes and rivers to 159 protected lakes and rivers. All in the name of money. The government disregards the Indigenous rights and open our lands to the benefit of corporations involved in oil pipelines and nuclear energy with Bill C-45. Harper is selling off our resources and making irrevocable changes on our environment. This will make it easier for the pipeline to go through. The government has taken advantage of our people and our land for too long.

The Idle No More is a prophecy that is coming to fruition. Sheelah Mclean, Nina Wilson, Sylvia McAdam, and Jessica Gordon came together and said enough is enough. The women are starting a movement that is waking up the world. Elder, Emil Bell has started her fast in support of Theresa Spence and has requested that all Pipe carriers and Sweat lodge keepers hold ceremonies and pray on January 1st for all those fasting and for Stephen Harper. He needs our prayers too. Theresa Spence is asking to speak with Harper and he hasn’t come to see her. It’s been 15 day’s. His silence speaks volumes. We all need to come together and rally….. and pray. This needs to stop!! For our future generations… for our Mother Earth. We call the government and Prime Minister Stephen Harper to start a process of consultation with Aboriginal communities and environmental groups. Let’s support Chief Theresa Spence and all of other individual and communities using their voice, taking the action and demanding an effective response from Canadian government. We encourage you to join Idle No More rallies, connecting through social media and pray in your own way for all those who are fasting for the cause.

Peace, Love, and Unity.

Brandy Kane, Manager of BWSS Aboriginal Women’s Program