Algonquins Erect Land Protection Camp – Idle No More


Algonquins Erect Land Protection Camp to Save Cultural Sites & Critical Wildlife Habitat from Destructive Logging within La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve

(Kitiganik, Algonquin Territory/December 9, 2013) This past Spring, Quebec’s Ministry of Natural Resources—without meaningfully consulting the Algonquins of Barriere Lake—issued permits for the 2013-14 operating year to Resolute Forest Products and other large logging companies who have subsequently clear-cut vast tracts of the forest this past summer and fall, up to last week, when the Algonquins stopped the unauthorized logging, which has been taking place in violation of signed Agreements with the First Nation.

1441396_632732713432266_1792379084_n.jpgResolute Forest Products and other logging companies have already damaged many sensitive area sites on the Barriere Lake Trilateral Agreement Territory, including sensitive area sites which the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources and the logging companies know to be of particular cultural and ecological importance.

Today the Algonquins have erected a Land Protection camp within the La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve at the Poigan sector, to stop unauthorized logging from damaging Algonquin cultural sites and critical wildlife habitat until an already agreed upon Measures to Harmonize Process is re-established on an urgent basis. The Algonquins of Barriere Lake are demanding that the Quebec government:

  1. Cooperate in a measures to harmonize process to identify and protect cultural and ecological sites.
  2. Honour the 1991 landmark Barriere Lake Trilateral Agreement and related 1998 Agreement with Quebec on Co-Management and Resource Revenue Sharing among other issues.  (Photo credit: Norm Matchewan)



For More Information Contact:

Chief Casey Ratt                                         Cell: (819) 441-8002

Norman Wawatie, Councillor                    Cell: (819) 441-8006

Tony Wawatie, Spokesperson                  Cell: (819) 527-7343

Michel Thusky (French) Spokesperson Telephone: (819) 435-2171