Aaron Paquette – Idle No More

Aaron Paquette is one of Canadaʼs premiere First Nations artists.

He is a painter, writer, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator.

He is also a political commentator, film production designer, goldsmith and cathedral stained glass artist.

He is also very lucky to be alive.

It was on a cold August night in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that Aaron found himself on the guardrails of the High Level Bridge. A moment of crisis.

Over the intervening years, through ups and downs and many mistakes and learning opportunities, Aaron has found a way to voice his message. We all suffer, but none of us are alone. There is a strength within us and around us that we can constantly draw on, not only to get us through tough times, but to propel us into the life we always wanted.

In great demand, Aaron is an engaging, exciting and inspiring speaker and gives generously of his spirit in laughter, joy and learning.

His public art and mural work is colourful, flowing and accessible, perfect for any community.