The Migration Water Walk 2015 – Idle No More

The Migration Water Walk 2015 will begin from the land of the Wabanaki, on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at Matane, Quebec and end at Madeline Island in Wisconsin on or around August 20, 2015.
We will arrive and set up camp on June 22nd, have pipes smoked, share our creation stories and especially the Original Great Migration to Madeline Island where food was found growing on water. Then on June 23rd, we will move forward towards the First Original Stopping Point at Gitigan Zibing. Pipes will be smoked, sharing of traditions, migration stories and nightly drumming, fun for all.

The Migration Walk is mainly to raise awareness about Oil spillage either by ships and/or trains. This causes great concern on the lakes and rivers from Lake Superior on down to St. Lawrence River and beyond.

Secondly, the other purpose is to seek our history(s) of the past migration of long ago before it gets lost in the minds of our young people. The stories are so beautiful and full of prophesy that we must pay attention to.

Along the way the Walkers will visit the stopping points of the original migration to hear history as it is remembered by the wisdom keepers. We will complete the journey again at Madeline Island in Wisconsin where the original migration ancestors found food that grows on water.(wild rice)

The-Migration-of-the-Anishinabe-from-The-Mishomis-Book-by-Edward-Benton-Banai-on-page-99.jpgAt the onset, June 22, 2015, it is my hope that the Eastern people will come and share their ancestral stories of the original Migration. Pipes will be lit in the wee hours of the morning as in the olden days, the Water Drums will be sounded and tobacco offered as each tribe recounts their stories. I have mailed tobacco by courier for Matane, QC who I hope will host this historic event.

1. Presently, I am unfamiliar with the layout of the land, there is a need for someone who can find a campground where the event will happen.
2. What are the hotels like and are they within the area. I have spoke to two of the Eastern Doorway Chiefs who know what is taking place and will need accomodations when they arrive, by car. They are Jim Dumont and Edward Benton.
3. Is the river close by, it was suggested that there will be canoes that will move to the St. Lawrence from the river in Matane.

On the morning of the 23rd June, we start the Send Off after the Offerings are made to the River and then we are off. Our first stop will be where the migration first stopped. This I am not sure but I think it may be someplace by Gitigan Zibing(Garden River) Quebec.

So, this is as far as I can say for now. Because the location is not confirmed by the local people of Matane, I cannot say with certainty with Posters or Brochures. Which is why I was asking for help from the people who are more familiar with the town/city, I need the blessing from the Town fathers or Council or how you call them, I am not even sure. City Council?

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Dear Supporters:

Please tell this to whomever can respond to my request.

Once again, I am approaching people to assist us with the rental of a van for approximately 2 months. I am hopeful that you can recognize the importance of refining the role of Native women as life-givers and protectors of water in our country. I do not ask governments for money because this work is voluntary. Much has been accomplished; media, newspapers, radio and First Nations/Tribes have become so much more aware of the need for women to protect the water for future generations.

This year our work will be raising awareness of oil spills by train derailments across Ontario and Quebec and including ships that may spill oil as they cross the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River. This year we start at Matane, QC on the Migration Waterwalk along the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes. The migration journey will end at Madeline Island, Wisconsin. Just as the original Great Migration of our ancestors we will stop at all the original stopping points until we reach where “food grows on water” (wild rice) and end at Madeline Island.

On the 22nd of June, there will be a reunion with our eastern clans: Pasmaquaddy, Abenaki/Wabanaki, Micmac, Ojibways and all other clans to tell stories of the Great Migration and share the history of our people. Pipes, Tobacco, and Drums will emerge as our sacred stories are shared. The walk will start on the 23rd June 2015. I hope you can be present for this historic event.

It is with great hope that I close, trusting that anyone can help in this very important venture. If it is impossible for a van rental, alternatively a cash donation would be equally helpful.

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Josephine Mandamin
Lead Waterwalker

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