Stop C27 – Standing on our Inherent/ Treaty Position! – Idle No More

We have a responsibility to uphold the legacy left for us by our ancestors – to keep and protect the land because we borrow it from our children and their children. Treaties were the way in which our ancestors ensured our survival into the future and now we must do the same.

We are Nations and peoples that have made an international Treaty with the Crown of Great Britain and Ireland. The international definition of Nations is having a language, culture, governance, peoples, and land – we have ALL of this. We are not ‘beasts of the field’ as inaccurately proclaimed through such documents as the Doctrine of Discovery (1493). Further, we are not ‘Canada’s First Nations’.

Treaties made with the Crown were based on terms of peace and friendship intended to secure for our generations of peoples, a livelihood for “as long as the sun shines, rivers flow, and grass grows”. The Crown’s subjects were permitted access to our lands and territories to the depth of the plow. In making Treaty, we agreed to be allies of Her Majesty and not her subjects.



November 24, 2014, Treaty No. 6 Territory: Indigenous Nations from Treaties No. 4, 6 and 7 are actively organizing to resist Canada’s forceful implementation of C-27 legislation (First Nations Financial Transparency and Accountability Act).  The government of Canada’s C-27 legislation came into effect July 2014, calling for the public posting of consolidated audits and individuals’ income and expenses on a website hosted by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) in violation of the rights of the Indigenous individuals and the Indigenous Nations.

INAC officials have sent letters to Indigenous Treaty Nations’ governments threatening to withhold funding for non-essential services on November 26, 2014, further, if the Indigenous Nations do not submit to the requirements of C-27, then funding for essential services will cease on December 12, 2014.

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