Stand w/ South Dakota Youth to Demand President Obama REJECT Keystone XL – Idle No More

President Obama — Thank you for VETOING Keystone XL – Now please uphold your commitment to indigenous youth and REJECT it before Big Oil and their cronies try to pull more tricks. TransCanada’s permit in South Dakota has expired and there is no approved route. Oceti Sakowin and non-native youth in South Dakota are united in asking you reject the pipeline.  SIGN THE PETITION NOW!

Why is this important?

President Obama just vetoed Congress dirty Keystone XL bill — but he still must reject Keystone XL outright.

As native and non-native youth, we have come together against this pipeline and we are fighting the permit every step of the way. Now, we must cry out and demand that President Obama reject Keystone XL outright.

My name is Valeriah Rose Big Eagle, I am a member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe, and a recent graduate of South Dakota State University. When I was a young child, my uncle, a medicine man of my tribe, provided me the knowledge of our ancestors’ fears for our people. Our ancestors foretold one day a large black snake would come for us; and one day, the seventh generation would have to come forth to protect the people and ensure the safety, or survival of future generations.

I am part of that seventh generation and my destiny instills in me my fight against the big black snake, what we have come to know as the Keystone XL pipeline.

Native and non-native youth across South Dakota have united to stop Keystone XL. I share the sentiments of my friend Tony Helland from Sioux Falls: “I am distraught over the Keystone XL pipeline. I love the natural beauty of my state and refuse to see it used for the profits of a multinational corporation. I believe we have reached a critical point, as a community and nation, where we must decide either to continue our incessant hunger for petrochemicals or to alter our course.

Keystone XL goes against our international commitments for emissions reductions as well as President Obama’s vision to combat climate change. I, and many others across my state and nation, will continue to demand that a smart choice will be made not only for my sake, but for those that come after me.”

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