Raoni’s Canadian Tour – Idle No More

Community Call out for Solidarity & Support for Raoni & Bemoro’s fight to Protect the Amazon Rainforest

Requested by Judy DaSilva of Grassy Narrows


bemoro___raoni.jpgRaoni Metuktire is known to the world simply as Raoni. Chief Raoni of the Kayapo people, a Brazilian Indigenous peoples from the plain lands of the Mato Grosso and Pará is known around the world for his active resistance to the Amazon Rainforest deforestation and industrialization.

Right now there is a big hydro dam being built which is called Belo Monte. This dam threatens to destory the forest where the Kayapo and many other indigenous groups are located.  It will destroy the  Xingu River which gives life to the forest and the ones who inhabit the forest including the animals, numerous rare plants and birds.

Land Defender, Grandmother, Mother and Warrior Kwe, Judy Da Silva from Grassy Narrows First Nation in Ontario Canada, is reaching out to each of us for support and help for our Relations of the Amazon Rainforest. “My husband Bepgogoti is from Brazil.  His well known Uncle, Amazon Rain Forest Defender Raoni, reached out to him February 2015 and asked Bepgogoti to help him get to Canada so that he to tell everyone what is truly happening in the forests of Brazil. Raoni said he needs help to get to Canada so that he can tell his story about South Para and North Mato Grosso where the Kayapo people are situated.” Judy DaSilva

Chief Raoni has requested to come to Canada as soon as possible to bring this information to North America and time is of the essence.  This Warrior is 92 years old yet he is still willing to travel to share his great knowledge and information about the Rainforest, which are the lungs of our planet.

Hydro Power may be sold to the world as “Clean” energy, but he amount of devastation that has been happening for decades to the Amazon Rainforest has been captured in photos that would prove otherwise. 


“Raoni is Bepgogotis uncle, his late fathers brother.  Raoni contacted my husband Bepgogoti in February 2015 requesting help to come to Canada to tell people the urgency of their situation in the forests of Brazil.” said Judy DaSilva.

Jonathan Watts of the Guardian, stated in his article from Dec 16/14, Belo Monte, Brazil: The tribes living in the shadow of a megadam, that “By the Great Bend of the Xingu river in the depths of Amazonia, the Juruna tribe is being drowned by what seems at first sight to be a flood of TV game-show prizes.” & “Belo Monte is already an undeniable fact. The vast construction site is like something out of Mordor – an immense wall of stone, steel and concrete that towers above a blasted plain teeming with trucks, bulldozers and cranes. The turbine housings, which are half-complete, resemble the jagged ramparts of a fort. Here and there by the side of the road, felled trees are tied up in bundles, like captured prisoners.”

Support for Raoni & Bemoro’s fight to Protect the Amazon Rainforest 

Below is the Crowd-Source Fundraiser to help raise the money need to get Ranoi to Canada so Raoni can raise awareness to his Relations in the North, as well as to all Canadians. There has been a lot of fundraising to help, however this is not making it to the actual people who live in the devastated territories of the Amazon Rainforest. Ranoi wants to come himself and share their story himself to raise awareness and support to stop the destruction of their homelands.



 Chief Raoni calls Brazilian population to participate in the National Indigenous Mobilization – Cacique Raoni convoca população brasileira a participar da Mobilização Nacional Indígena