Powershift 2013 and Idle No More Join Forces for #Oct7Proclaim – Idle No More

A message from Powershift 2013 Mass Action


Dealing with climate change will never be an easy task. We are up against the largest and wealthiest corporations on the planet, but if history has proven anything, its that a movement of organized people can beat even the most entrenched organized money. If I can distill one goal from PowerShift it’s to build that movement, and in doing so to work across movements because when movements organize together, we can move mountains.



Imagine young people, a generation who the majority of have never lived through a month of below average temperatures, fighting for and demanding the right to a clean and healthy future alongside First Nations, whose rights and title are the single most powerful force for keeping fossil fuels in the ground. It’s in that spirit that we are working in solidarity with Idle No More’s October 7th Day of Action.


But this is not just an alliance of convenience, we know that a just and sustainable future is about more than clean energy and public transit. It means recognizing, acknowledging and working with Indigenous communities to reconcile a history of colonization and injustice. It means building a movement that reflects the world we want to create. Stopping climate change may be the means that we come together, but justice is the goal.


Cam Fenton, Canadian Youth Climate Change Initiative, Executive Director


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