Peoples’ Social Forum – Apply now for Financial Support! – Idle No More

Peoples’ Social Forum 2014 solidarity money will be awarded primarily to youth, Indigenous, Peoples of Colour, remote and low income individuals with special considerations for maximizing the number of people able to attend.


To be considered for this scholarship, Regional Expansion Commissions and Caucuses are required to submit a request for financial support, identifying which individuals from their community need to come to the forum, documenting their work in their communities, the contribution they will make to the Forum and the skills/knowledge/connections etc. they will bring back to their communities and expressing awareness of the goals of the PSF (250 words or less).

Note: This is not an essay contest. You are applying for a conference scholarship. The Peoples’ Social Forum fully expects the recipients of these scholarships to attend and contribute to the workshops, plenaries, and Movement Assemblies.

All applications must be submitted by July 31, 2014.

Send your scholarship application to:


Applications will be reviewed by a Solidarity Committee comprised of one representative from each caucus and region.