Pack the courts! Stand with Toad, Six Nations Land Defender! #IdleNoMore #SovSummer – Idle No More

Wednesday July 3rd 10am
Cayuga Courthouse, 55 Munsee St. N., Cayuga

Rides leave from Keele Subway, Toronto at 8 am

See below for info for other cities.

Six Nations land defender Theresa “Toad” Jamieson and the Two Row Society join Idle No More Sovereignty Summer’s calls for action with a rally and court support at the Cayuga courthouse on Wednesday JULY 3rd at 10am.

Toad has been defending Indigenous land rights and Kanonhstaton, the Six Nations Reclamation site, ever since the land near Caledonia, ON was reclaimed by Six Nations in February 2006. At the height of this winter’s Idle No More movement, the rounddance during her court date sent a strong message that the fight for the land requires lasting support of Indigenous women land defenders.

Toad is being dragged through the courts because of charges stemming from anti-Native rights activist Gary McHale’s provocations. (See below for more info).  Toad is defending herself in court, asserting that the Canadian justice system violates both the Two Row Wampum treaty and the rightful law – the Great Law of Peace – of the stolen land on which the courthouse stands.

Already the actions of Sovereignty Summer have seen the criminalization of rising numbers of Indigenous peoples taking a stand. Since 2006, hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone towards policing and court costs for McHale’s actions which result in criminalizing Indigenous women, such as Toad, for defending the land and responding to direct racism. The Two Row Society wants to call attention to the discrepancy between this approach and the complete lack of government resources dedicated to a national public inquiry into the hundreds of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

As Toad fights for the land, she fights for all of us. Packing the court with supporters, sends a powerful message. We will not let the Canadian government violate the treaties any longer! We will not let the Canadian government ignore violence against Indigenous women while dragging land defenders through the courts and protecting the prejudice of anti-Native rights activists! Join us!

-The Two Row Society #IdleNoMore #Sovsummer

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Additional info:

  • In reaction to the Six Nations reclamation of 2006, Gary McHale and his followers, under the name of Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality, set about a campaign against what they call “native lawlessness,” “land claim terrorism,” and “race-based policing”.
  • Beginning in October 2006, McHale has been trying to force his way onto Kanonhstaton. On February 18, 2012, McHale succeeded in entering Kanonhstaton, with a small escort of OPP. Toad and several other Haudenosaunee land defenders were charged as a result of their anger at his racism and his trespassing on Kanonhstaton.
  • In 2009, leaders of CANACE played leading roles in trying to establish a “Caledonia Militia” to stop land defenders.
  • In 2012, several Six Nations land defenders have faced charges as a result of the actions of McHale and the Ontario Provincial Police.