Only 36 Hours Left to Support Idle No More-Defenders of the Land Crowdfunding Campaign! – Idle No More

The Idle No More-Defenders of the Land Joint crowdfunding campaign has surpassed its goal! – with 36 hours left in our campaign, your support can help the movement do even more!!

Thank you to all of you who have contributed, pushing our campaign over the top. We are all part of a movement, and your support will make it stronger.

Let’s continue to show our commitment to the Indigenous-led movements happening across North America by coming out into the streets and onto the land, and by contributing directly to local community struggles.

Also, there are only 36 more hours to contribute to the Idle No More-Defenders of the Land joint crowdfunding campaign!  Lend your support and get some of the brand new perks from the award-winning Indigenous-made film Empire of Dirt!

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The coming year is critical for Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

Screen_Shot_2014-01-30_at_3.07.40_PM.pngThe Harper government has moved aggressively on many fronts to dismantle the protection of Indigenous and Treaty rights and to forcibly assimilate Indigenous Peoples into their vision of an ultra-capitalist, environmentally devastated Canada. With one more year before he goes into election campaign mode, Harper will attempt to push through the most hard-hitting points of his agenda in 2014.

With your support, the Idle No More-Defenders of the Land joint campaign is going to launch a major new stage of the campaign – one that will focus the grassroots power already mobilized in order to produce change through coordinated, strategic, cross-Canada campaigns and successful non-violent direct actions guided by grassroots Indigenous communities themselves.  These strategies are essential, as they alone have made governments recognize Indigenous rights.

Be a part of amplifying the impact of this movement.  There are only 36 hours left to support the crowdfunding campaign!

Two of the needs identified by many Indigenous communities under threat are: (1) resources and trainings to better understand the legal and policy framework that they are confronting, and (2) organizing and communication support to magnify the impact of their actions on the broader public and policy makers. As one part of Idle No More-Defenders of the Land’s commitment to building a broad community-based Indigenous movement that can actually bring about profound change, all moneys raised in this crowdfunding campaign will be put towards:

  • developing educational materials in responses to community-identified priorities so communities can advocate for themselves as strategically as possible

  • supporting grassroots Indigenous land defenders who want to organize training, strategy, and coordination sessions in their own communities  

  • maintaining a communications infrastructure, such as conference call/virtual meeting technology, communication text alerts, email blasts, and media support for key events and actions.

  • hiring a dedicated staff coordinator for six months who will be responsible for developing and facilitating these activities

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