Lubicon Lake Oil Spill Update – Idle No More

Still No Answers about 2.7 million Litre spill on Lubicon Lake Nation lands: Murphy Oil Co Ltd. Postpones Meeting With Chief Ominayak & Council


Murphy Oil Company Ltd. had found a rupture on a 3 inch pipe on March 1st but failed to notify Lubicon Lake Nation for 11 days, knowing they had no idea exactly how long condensate was leaking. Condensate is light hydrocarbon liquid that is mixed with heavy oil after extraction to make it easier to transport.

On March 12th, in Little Buffalo Murphy Oil met with the Lubicon Lake government  to talk about the extent and impacts of the estimated 2.7 million litre spill of hazardous condensate near Seal Lake, Alberta. At the meeting Chief Benard Ominiyak said, “First and foremost, our concern as the government of the Lubicon Lake Nation is the health and safety of our people and environment.” The spill near Seal Lake is a hunting and trapping area for the Lubicon Lake Nation.

“We shouldn’t have to find out 11 days later through media,” said, Councillor Dwight Gladue, Communications/Industry Liaison, Lubicon Lake Nation, to the Record-Gazette on March 13.

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Below is the press release issued on March 20th though Lubicon Lake Nation social media channels regarding the recent Oil Spill near Seal Lake.


On March 19th Lubicon was back in court defending their territory after finding PennWest trespassing, after the Alberta issued them the permits. Below is the latest press release issued on March 18th by Lubicon Lake Nation on their social media channels

Lubicon Lake Nation Back in Court to Defend Territory: PennWest Exploration Wants Immunity from Aboriginal Rights Lawsuits




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