KUYI 88.1FM Hopi Radio – Idle No More

KUYI History

On December 20th, 2000 KUYI made its on-air debut after five years of hard work by Hopi volunteers and leaders. “Kuyi” (pronounced KUU-yi) is Hopi for “water”. Water is life and as such KUYI is an integral part of life on the Hopi reservation.

On the day of its grand opening, hundreds of people attended the celebration. Every major institution on the Hopi Reservation called in. Reports of KUYI’s signal range was reported from Winslow and Flagstaff, Arizona and from our neighboring Navajo communities. For one hour, KUYI linked by satellite to reach Alaska, Florida, California and the Lakota Nation. Several Native radio professionals came from across the country to train local Hopi people in the art of on-air broadcasting, programming and radio administration. It was quite a memorable time. However, the real work has just begun.

Run by a small station staff and many volunteers, KUYI not only provides a window on the world through its affiliations with Native Voice One and NPR, but also broadcasts a wide, eclectic variety of music. Serving the Hopi Reservation, Flagstaff, Tuba City, Winslow and the I-40 corridor, KUYI strives to appeal to a broad based audience.

Hopi Radio provides a new way of Hopi storytelling, an age-old tradition. National news is broadcast, and how it affects us is interpreted and debated. Hopi Radio provides entertainment and exposure to other cultures through music and ideas. Through Hopi Radio, we reaffirm our respect for tradition by preserving our language and culture in a contemporary context.

On Monday June 21, 2010 – Summer Solstice – KUYI Hopi Radio went live online through the streaming portal.
Jimmie “Jimbo” Lucero’s legendary morning cry greeted listeners world wide as Randall Mahle took the helm of our Taatawi traditional music programming. All KUYI and The Hopi Foundation licensee appreciate all our supporters, staff, volunteers and listeners over the years whose hard work and dedication brought us to this historic moment.
KUYI Mission
Our mission is to have a positive effect on the lives of the people living on the Hopi reservation and in surrounding communities through the public discussion of issues and events that will enlighten the community.
The goals of KUYI are to :
1. Cultivate a distinct broadcast format with primary emphasis on current issues, educational and cultural programs ; 
2. Communicate Native issues and programs in order to improve an understanding and appreciation of indigenous cultures ; 
3. Broadcast programming which reflects diversity and talent ;
4. Create and maintain a local outlet and production capability for statewide and national public radio programming with particular emphasis on Hopi perspectives and interests ; and
5. Provide a model radio station and local training program for volunteers in radio broadcast careers.

Online Streaming

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KUYI staff and volunteers express our gratitude and say kwakw’ah and asquali (thanks) to the individuals and organizations who support our efforts to bring KUYI to a worldwide audience:


   Hopi Telecom
   Increased internet bandwidth
Mike Woodworth; Engineering and installation of equipment
   Streaming equipment and online hosting platform
    Playlist hosting and reporting tools