Join in the National Day of Resistance – Idle No More

Idle No More supports the National Day of Resistance taking place  on May 14, 2014 in Ottawa and across the country.  Tomorrow, Indigenous people and their allies will converge on Parliament Hill and in other locations to participate in various forms of protest against Harper’s termination agenda toward FIrst Nations.

National Day of Resistance – May 14, 2014, 1pm – Parliament Hill, Ottawa and other locations across the country

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photo.php.jpgThe purpose of this day is to bring attention to the federal government’s agenda to terminate First Nations rights through the unilateral  imposition of various legislation, such as Bill C-33 (FNCFNEA) and Bill C-10, while continuing to refuse to launch an inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women.  In addition to the Day of Resistance, leaders across the country will convene at the Confederacy of Nations meeting in hopes of profiling the continued rejection of Bill C-33. 

Bill_C-33_Graphic.jpgBill C-33 will give the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development extensive powers and authority over First Nations education from pre-K to grade 12.  French and English will be mandatory languages at First Nations schools while our First Nations languages and cultures will become secondary depending on approval from the minister.  This bill is a stark reminder of the thinking behind the residential school era and the policies implemented by the government at that time.

The continued refusal to launch an inquiry into the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women is a national disgrace.  Idle No More reiterates the stance that addressing the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women, including trans and two spirit women, should be an international priority and supports grassroots efforts for an Indigenous defined, designed, and led inquiry. Idle No More supports working in solidarity with individuals, families, and community groups on this issue and will take direction from those who have the experience and  knowledge and are best equipped to develop strategies for moving forward.

First Nations Peoples will be criminalized through Bill C-10 (Contraband Tobacco Act), which will make it an indictable offense to sell tobacco without paying taxes. Tobacco is an Indigenous plant to Turtle Island (North America) and has been cultivated by First Nations for hundreds of years. Canada has no right to tax First Nations Peoples for buying and selling tobacco. The RCMP and provincial police will be empowered through the Act to raid and arrest family-owned business people if they sell any tobacco products that are inconsistent with compliance with the Act.

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