Idle No More stands with the many individuals, families, groups, and communities working on the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit people. Since the movement started, Idle No More has helped to amplify the voices of Indigenous women and trans and two-spirit people as leaders and organizers who are central to fighting violence and colonialism. Building partnerships and sharing united messages in our social media networks empower our people in leading by example. Joint efforts, such as our webinar series that we livestream, give our people tools to reach our communities and interact with people we may not be otherwise be able to reach because of geographical separation. The webinar led by the Native Youth Sexual Health Network and the Indigenous Young Women’s Council entitled Responding to Colonial Gender-Based Violence with Self Governance of our Bodies and Communities was an important conversation about current community responses to colonial gender-based violence. Idle No More continues to support the work on the community initiative “It Starts With Us” M.M.I.W. database, which now has a new section for Indigenous twospirit and trans people. We continue to call for Canada, the provinces, and the territories to actively resist violence against women. Idle No More reiterates the stance that addressing the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women, including trans and two-spirit women, should be an international priority and supports grassroots efforts for an Indigenous defined, designed, and led inquiry. Idle No More supports working in solidarity with individuals, families, and community groups on this issue and will take direction from those who have the experience and knowledge and are best equipped to develop strategies for moving forward.