Independent Poll Shows that 70 Per Cent of Burnaby Citizens Support City’s Decision to Oppose Kinder Morgan Pipeline Proposal – Idle No More

To gauge Burnaby citizens’ opinions on the Kinder Morgan pipeline/tank farm/terminal
proposal and on the opposition position the City has taken, the City of Burnaby engaged
Insights West to ask Burnaby residents for their thoughts on several aspects of the proposal.

“The poll clearly demonstrates that the majority of Burnaby residents are opposed to Kinder
Morgan’s proposal – 61 per cent of citizens who have an opinion on the proposal said they
oppose the project – and an even higher number (70 per cent) support Burnaby’s opposition
to the project,” says Mayor Derek Corrigan.

The poll also shows that there is a high level of awareness of the proposal throughout the
City and that opposition to the proposal is almost equal in all areas of the City.
“It also makes it clear that there are still people who don’t know yet about some of the most Burnaby1.jpg

concerning aspects of the new pipeline – that it would mean seven times more tankers in
Burrard Inlet and that 90 per cent of the pipeline would follow an entirely new route through
our city – that this is not the pipeline ‘twinning’ Kinder Morgan says it is,” says Mayor
“We have to continue to inform citizens about the many serious problems associated with the
pipeline project, because it is difficult to be heard above the continuous, expensive
advertising done by the oil industry. We also need to debunk the myth that any new jobs will
be created by the massive amount of oil pumping through our city. In fact, once construction
is completed, we expect no job increase.”
The poll results will help to guide the City’s future actions and communications on the Kinder
Morgan proposal.

For further information, contact:
Office of the Mayor