#IdleNoMore Launches Grassroots Newsletter – Idle No More

We are welcoming the third year of the Idle No More movement by creating a bi-weekly newsletter.  This goal of the newsletter is to lift up the voices of Indigenous peoples and struggles around the world.  It will tell our stories, share our actions, and honour our resistance while celebrating the world that we are protecting.


We are all invited to add our voices, our stories, our events, and our actions to this newsletter.  Post your story now!  Deadline for the first newsletter is Sunday January 18th.


We will accept all submissions that are connected to indigenous issues as long as they do not condone lateral violence or include hate speech.  


The first Newsletter will be published on January 26th, so check your inboxes!

Last year, we asked that you submit your Idle No More story for Dec 10th to help celebrate and reflect on the 2nd anniversary of the movement.  Here are some of our favourite stories and we will continue posting other stories on the website.

Wanda’s #IdleNoMore Story

Wanda's #IdleNoMore Video

Ryan’s #IdleNoMore Story

Ryan's #IdleNoMore Video

Brittany’s #IdleNoMore Story

Brittany's #IdleNoMore Video

Shawn’s #IdleNoMore Story

Shawn's #IdleNoMore Video

Mera Penehira’s #IdleNoMore Story

Mera's INM Video

Bryan Waciston’s #IdleNoMore Story

Bryan Waciston's #IdleNoMore Video

Widia Lariviere’s #IdleNoMore Story

Widia Lariviere's #IdleNoMore Video

Dawn’s #IdleNoMore Story

Dawn's #IdleNoMore Video