Idle No More Stands in Solidarity with Palestinian People

Idle No More stands in solidarity with Palestinian people against ongoing Israeli attacks and enforced settler colonialism. The actions of the Israeli government is genocide against Palestinian people. Idle No More calls upon the Canadian and US governments, along with the United Nations to Boycott, Divest and Sanction the Israeli government for international crimes against humanity. The silence of the Canadian government on these events is complicity with genocide. 

This most recent attack occured as Palestinian people were resisting the forced expulsion of Palestinian families from the occupied East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah. These families have been facing multiple court cases filed against them by several pro-settler organisations since 1972.

Late Monday, May 10th Israeli fighter jets bombed sites in Gaza Strip, including police buildings and apartment blocks. The bombing has intensified through the week and Gaza’s health ministry says at least 69 Palestinian people have been killed, including 17 children. More than 300 others have been wounded. More info on the events leading to the attack Here

Israel has one of the largest armies in the world today and it is heavily funded by the United States government. To call these actions a “war” with two equally opposing sides is an erasure of settler colonialism and ethnic cleansing. 

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