Idle No More launches the One House, Many Nations Campaign – Idle No More


“The story of Neeve Nutarariaq is heartwrenching. We cannot stand idly by – we have to take action on the issue of housing.” – Anna Lee-Popham, Idle No More organizer

Housing is a basic human right, one that should be readily available in a wealthy country such as Canada. However due to a series of past and present governmental policy decisions to move toward austerity rather than addressing the impacts of an ongoing housing crisis, federal and provincial governments have cut back on housing support, women’s shelters and other social programs that support families. As a result, Canada is experiencing a growing housing crisis that encompasses all people; it’s particularly affecting Indigenous women, two-spirit people and their families. Neeve Nutarariaq an Inuit woman is now living in a tent with her family in Igloolik, Nunavut, because the housing shortage is at crisis levels. This is only one example of this emergency situation.

“Two-spirit people and Aboriginal women bear the brunt of the intersections of systemic racism, sexism and trans/homophobia in Canada and have high rates of homelessness.  The current government isn’t going to do anything, so we are.” – Shawn Johnston, Couchiching First Nation

Idle No More is not waiting for the federal government to fulfill Treaty terms and promises; Indigenous children and their parents are in need of immediate housing repairs and houses. We will start by building or repairing one house. In time, we hope to grow so that we can reach all Nations.  

People can offer donations of time or money to support the One House Many Nations Campaign. To find out more information about how you can help take action on the housing crisis please visit

For more information contact: Tori Cress,