Harvesting Freedom: Protect Farm Workers

Urgent and immediate steps are needed to protect farm workers.

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“Farmworkers across Canada need immediate protection. With recent confirmed cases at two large farming operations, Highline Mushrooms and Greenhill Produce, both levels of government must respond now. J4MW is urging the federal government to provide income supports for workers here in Canada as well as those who are not. Canada must also extend permanent status on arrival and end the practice of repatriating and deporting migrants especially those who are sick or injured. Where an outbreak has occurred, the Ontario government must immediately suspend any agricultural workplace from operating until the workplace is fully sanitized and the workers are provided with full Personal Protective Equipment. Furthermore, workers should be paid full wages during the sanitization process. It is crucial for Ministry of Labour inspectors to extend their inspections to include bunkhouses and all employer-provided accommodations. Finally, the province must develop a COVID-19 action plan to protect workers in agriculture, specifically.”