Grassroots Secwepemc Warrior Women Update – Idle No More

Secwepemc Grassroots Women at Imperial Metals AGM

11221685_413624218840224_9053468498860441960_o.jpg“Mining is new warfare tactic being waged on Indigenous Peoples. Imperial Metals has committed mass ecocide on our Secwepemc Homelands, devastating a major salmon run and population that tens of thousands of Indigenous Peoples depend on. This company is still discharging mass amounts of toxic metals and chemicals into our pristine environment and a very highly spiritually and culturally significant area: Yuct Ne Senxiymetkwe.

“regardless of whether or not the Mount Polley mine operates again, the estimated 5.9 million cubic metres per year (of mine-influenced water) must be managed in a responsible manner and all options that are available for this volume will involve discharge of treated water to a water body.” THIS MUST STOP! Kanahus

Video from the outside the Sutton Place Hotel on Unceded Coast Salish (Vancouver) at the Imperial Metal Shareholder Meetings.

Video by Nicky Young shared on YouTube, titled “Imperial Metals Mt Polley day of action | Ricochet”


The following video provides background on the Mount Polley tailing pond spill and the devastation left on the land and in the water.

Secwepemc monitors bring you to GROUND ZERO MOUNT POLLEY: first-hand unreleased raw footage and photos of the TRUTH about the AFTERMATH of the disaster. Imperial Metals wants to reopen their Mount Polley mine, in less than 9 months, since its catastrophic tailings dam collapse, that spewed  

Video by Kanahus Manuel on YouTube

Kanahus6.jpg“My Secwepemc Homelands! I will fight for my lands, water and children, by any means necessary! This is all unceded Indigenous Lands, these mining companies and kkkanadian and british columbian government have NO Consent to operate in our Lands.” Kanahus

Hydrogeologist Ricardo Segovia on Mt Polley

Hydrogeologist, Ricardo Segovia recounts his recent inspection of Mount Polley, Imperial Metals disaster site where 25 million cubic meters of toxic tailings devastated and destroyed Hazeltine Creek in the Secwepemc territory, of British Columbia, Canada. This being the largest toxic spill in world history, Mount Polley Imperial Metals has shown virtually no progress or serious attempt to clean up their destruction. Yet Mount Polley Imperial Metals has applied for a permit to re-open the mine.

Video uploaded to Vimeo by Doreen Manuel 

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