First Nations Control of First Nations Education (FNCFNEA) is NOT First Nations Control – Idle No More


APTN News Coverage on February 7, 2014: First Nations Education – Harper Announcement on Kainai Nation Treaty 7 Territory, Standoff, AB:

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Meet with AFN NC Shawn Atleo:

Chief Arlen Dumas of Mathias Colomb Cree Nation Manitoba, confronts National Chief Shawn Atleo after Atleo showed up at the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs meeting to promote his AFN-Harper deal and First Nation Education legislation. Then, Chief Dumas gives the rest of his time to grassroots Lisa Currier who prepared a petition against FNCFNEA to give Atleo.

Idle No More – Northern Manitoba also lashes out at Atleo for support of proposed First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act – Smokescreen


Personal Reaction by Shannon Houle to Feb 7 2014 Harper Speech on First Nations Education – Published on 9 Feb 2014

“My heart and my mind said I needed to speak up for our future generations”

This is only my personal reflection from my perspective of my experience while attending the event as Chief proxy for Saddle Lake Cree Nation.

I felt it important to record this as a personal journal or record.


Gitchie Cheechoo wrote on Facebook (March 6, 2014):

“One by one, our people have and will continue to speak up against our very own leaders. First Nations leaders may view it as disrespectful but I view it as being accountable and demonstrating responsible governance to the office which they hold. AFN National Chief Shawn Atleo may feel he is only accountable to the Chiefs, but keep in mind, Chiefs are accountable to the grassroots people. We need more Chiefs to empower grassroots people and not the oppressor most Chiefs are becoming because they refuse to take any responsibility for the abuse of power that was given to them by the grassroots people.”


Putting this into Perspective:


Some Indigenous Education Solutions:

(being conscious of nation differences)

Turtle Lodge Treaty: “Our Way of Life”:

Onion Lake Cree Nation:

Tsxwentucwiye Xwexwéytep! Chief Atahm School (Full Immersion Programming):