Canadian Inspired by Idle No More – Idle No More

Submitted by Phil Jocz

Every movement needs an anthem so this is my attempt to spark a resurgence of interest from Canadians who may have forgotten about Idle No More.

We The People – An inspirational song by Phil Jocz motivated by the Idle No More movement. Idle No More is not just a First Nations movement. Every Canadian has responsibility for the land. Our elected representatives will come to reflect that responsibility if enough of us demand sustainable practices in every endeavour.


From the Artist:

I believe there is an opportunity to build bridges between indigenous and non-idigenous

communities.  First nations people are speaking for the land and ordinary Canadians are finally willing to listen.  I live in a Southern Ontario town (Ajax) that has embarked on a journey to sustainability.  This commitment has brought us into conflict with surrounding municipalities over water and land use.  Does that sound familiar?  


Idle No More provides a meeting place for all Canadians who share the same vision.  We are stronger when we work together to achieve the same goals and this election year presents a golden opportunity to raise the level of awareness.  Unfortunately some of my friends and neighbours think that Idle No More is “just” a first nations movement.  I wrote this song to help convince them otherwise. As a songwriter I think every cause is made stronger by an anthem that stirs the emotions and promotes the movement.  If you agree, please share the link.


Phil Jocz

Ajax, ON