Aboriginal Artists Alliance – Idle No More

A non-partisan group of Aboriginal artists, musicians and fans is coming together online to support the Idle No More movement and help raise awareness and share the progress of the movement’s peaceful efforts. The Aboriginal Artists Alliance, established by singer-songwriter Susan Aglukark, will be dedicated to using social media to help keep Canadians informed about Idle No More’s advocacy and defense of Aboriginal rights and culture.

As Aboriginal (Inuit, First Nation, and Metis) artists, our respective works are inspired by our collective cultures – past, present and future. It is in our collective interest to ensure the protection of these cultures, as well as the land and rights inherent to us as Indigenous peoples of Canada to ensure future generations will thrive. The Aboriginal Artists Alliance is committed to the survival and protection of our cultures, languages and histories and acknowledges and recognizes the Idle No More movement as a catalyst and leader in informing the General public of the current state of our Aboriginal Affairs, as such, the Aboriginal Artists Alliance commits to the Idle No More movement in it’s current effort.

The Aboriginal Artists Alliance, in the spirit of the Founders of the Idle No More movement, encourages all Canadians to support the intent of the Idle No More mandate, which is, to “live the spirit and intent of the treaty relationship, to work towards justice in action, and to protect Mother Earth” (www.IdleNoMore.ca). By supporting the Idle No More movement, Canadians are committing to educating and informing themselves and sharing their knowledge of the Aboriginal community and the Idle No More movement.